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Zzaj Productions

Zzaj Productions is a netlabel that's been up since the mid-1990's. Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj, has been recording "different" music with artists from all over the country (& the WORLD, for that matter) since about 1980 (if not earlier). In our collection, as we pull albums over from our commercial offerings into this new label, you will find music that is "challenging", to say the very least! We feel that this music NEEDS to be discovered, and that this is the best place to make that happen. We hope YOU enjoy the music(s) here, and that you'll tell all your friends to come here & GET this music!

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Zzaj Productions
by Mark Kissinger & Rotcod Zzaj
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Mark Kissinger (super electric guitarist from Pennsylvania) & Rotcod Zzaj join together in a Y2K reprise that will KNOCK yer' sockzoff! A very beautiful and "gypsylike" musical experience, totally accessible & with music for all tastes! This album features Zzaj vocals (a fairly rare occasions) on 2 tracks, "Rhythm Rider" & "Speak EZ", both from poems he wrote many years ago, then turned to music. I have removed these files from my archive; they are now...
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Topics: Psychedelic, Experimental, Psychedelic Rock
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